Let’s Geaux Louisiana is a coalition of organizations throughout our state that supports comprehensive statewide legislation to bring companies like Lyft and Uber to communities across Louisiana.

Louisiana is one of the few remaining states left in the nation with a patchwork of conflicting local ridesharing regulations – leading to confusion for drivers and meaning some residents can get rides when they need them but others cannot. A single set of statewide rules for ridesharing companies in Louisiana will provide safety benefits, create more economic opportunities, and expand access to reliable transportation.

Why Ridesharing?

  • SAFETY: Ridesharing can help reduce drunk driving by offering a reliable alternative to getting behind the wheel after a night out. Drivers undergo rigorous background checks while riders can take advantage of an array of safety features including GPS tracking, a two-way rating system, emergency response lines, and vehicle
  • ECONOMIC IMPACT: Ridesharing is an economic driver for communities, empowering drivers to earn additional income on a flexible schedule and helping residents and tourists reach more local businesses. 50% of surveyed Lyft riders say the app helps them explore more areas of their city and visitors from more than 70 countries have taken an Uber trip in Louisiana over the last three months.
  • ACCESS TO TRANSPORTATION: Right now, rideshare companies operate in several major cities, but suburban and rural communities are being left behind.  With a statewide framework, even more people in Louisiana will benefit from a convenient ride at the tap of a button – and current riders and drivers will count on an even more reliable experience.

Take Action

This year, the Louisiana State Legislature has the opportunity to create a single set of rules for ridesharing that would pave the way for Uber and Lyft to operate across Louisiana – just as more than 40 states have done. Contact your legislator and urge them to bring ridesharing to all of the Bayou State!