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Burj Khalifa:

It is a cityscape which is very famous throughout the world. If you are visiting Dubai, then this place is must to go for because it is the best. It is the tallest building in the world and the point of interest for all. There are 124 floors and every floor has different things to offer. You can try different adventures here and at the same time you can shop everything.

Dubai Mall:

If you are shopping lover, then this place is like a heaven for you. it is one of the biggest shopping malls of the world. There are so many things which you can enjoy as there is a very big food court where all best food outlets are present. There are so many play centers for children who keep them busy and you can do shopping easily without worries.

Dubai Museum:

It is very important to know about the history, culture and tradition of the place where you are going to visit. The museum is the best place because you can see the history and the culture of the place here. You can visit this place while visiting Dubai by using Careem discount code accessible at to avoid the huge crash of your bank account.

Al Fahidi Quarters:

There are mostly two parts of the city, one is old and the other one is new. Same is the case here, al fahidi is the old portion of Dubai and you can see the quarters here which were built a very long time ago. These quarters show the beauty of ancient things and the best feeling is to roam at this place in evening time to feel the essence of this place.

The Jumeirah Mosque:

The mosques are always beautiful in Muslim countries and they are worth visiting. You should visit this beautiful mosque because it is an artistic piece of architecture. The stone which is used in its making is very beautiful. You can see this amazing mosque by utilizing Careem discount code sourced from to make your visit budget friendly.