Your car’s maintenance and possible repair can weigh heavily on your car budget, but these are not expenses to be taken lightly. Auto service professionals are not missing the call. They will know how to inspect your car from the windscreen wipers to the engine, passing through the traffic lights, and detect the repairs to be made and the parts to be changed.

The more you have notions of automobile mechanics, the more you will feel at ease in the event of a breakdown or at your garage. In addition to maintenance operations and technical repairs, some pamper their car from the dashboard to the bodywork. Because each driver is different, it is necessary to take stock of the essentials to maintain your car properly.

Where To Have Your Car Repaired?

Prices and repairs. Has your car decided not to start? No need to procrastinate. You have to take it to the garage. It is the stress that begins. Will the failure be detected appropriately and repaired? Will the final note be salty?

Be aware that garage owners have a duty to inform you of the prices they charge. The display of their prices is mandatory, particularly for changing a windshield, an exhaust pipe, or a tire. To find out what you are committing to, ask for an estimate indicating the cost of labor, the amount of spare parts, the amount of VAT, and the duration of the repairs. You will avoid unpleasant surprises from an excessively high bill.

Major Breakdown Or Inspection Visit

Your vehicle must pass the technical inspection every 2 years if you bought it more than 4 years ago. The goal? Detect a major failure before it happens. Reviews are carried out every 20,000 km to 30,000 km. The mechanic explicitly checks the brake pads, tires, air filters, coolant and brake fluid, engine oil.

Garage, Dealer, Or Auto Center?

Auto centers allow you to do a quick service without an appointment for a simple intervention on your vehicle. For a more serious problem, you can contact your garage. Be aware that dealer prices are generally higher, but they have the advantage of knowing the brand of vehicles well and have original parts more easily.

The mechanic or dealership offering 24 hours service (บริการ 24 ชั่วโมง which is the term in Thai) is not allowed to carry out repairs without asking your permission. You remain in control of your vehicle and the situation.