A majority of people focus on getting the cheapest boat shipping quote and fail to insure the boat for damages at the time of transit. As a result, they end up paying more to repair the damages than what they have saved. In this article, we will tell you the key things that you need to keep in mind when transporting the boat to a new location.

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Measure The Boat

At the time of approaching a boat shipping firm, you need to ensure you get the right dimensions of your boat. It will benefit the boat transporter to find the precise trailer needed to ship the boat. It will also result in money savings as the transporter has got the accurate measurement.

Drain as Much Water and Fuel as Possible

The next tip to transport the boat is to examine the state of drain plugs. Make sure that there is no water present in the bilge at the time of shipping the boat. Ensure that the water tank is below ¼ full. If you plan to transport the boat in winter, then confirm that there is no water left in the air conditioners, pumps, and water systems.

Select The Right Marina or Boatyard

To choose the right boatyard, you need to ensure that the loading spot has got a 14’ clearance. This will ensure that no wires or branches interfere with the boat during loading. Ensure that the marina has got a forklift to load and off-load the boat.

Eliminate Key Items

When transporting via boat, you also need to ensure that you remove or properly fasten any loose things present in the cabin. It will avoid any sort of damages. Ensure that the doors of the locker are properly locked.

Besides the items kept in the cabin, it is required to remove those on the outside such as propellers, horns, antennas, radar, flag masts, windshields, lights, hailers, electronics, radar arches, anchor lights, etc.

About SAC Transport services

SAC Transportation is a leading company that frequently ships large yachts and boats with the support of professional carriers. They can arrange the door-to-door boat shipping service in approx. 1 or 2 weeks before pick-up.

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They service every location in the US and cross country. Their expert team of transport professionals is proficient in performing shipping across states and countries to ensure safe handling and delivery of your shipment.


If you are planning to ship via boat, then all the above tips will help. Better preparation will help you avoid any issues that may come across and hinder the execution. Hiring the right transportation firm will ensure safe and hassle-free transportation.