Are you looking to get some extra shine and style on your Tesla Model 3? Look no further; the LED door handle lighting upgrade is a great addition that will make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. Not only do these LED lights add a spectacular touch of pizzazz to your car, but they also provide added security. Read on to learn more about this amazing upgrade for your Tesla Model 3.

What are the Benefits of an LED Door Handle Lighting Upgrade?

The most notable benefit of an LED door handle lighting upgrade is that it provides added security and convenience in low-light environments. When the driver approaches their Model 3, the handles will light up, indicating that they are unlocked and ready to open. This provides peace of mind knowing that no one can gain access to your vehicle without you being aware of it. Additionally, this feature ensures that drivers don’t have to fumble around in the dark trying to find their way into their car—the handles light up as soon as they approach by tesla model 3 accessories.

Another benefit of upgrading to LED door handle lighting is that it adds a unique and stylish touch to your car’s exterior. The bright lights make it easy for others to spot your car from a distance and make sure you never miss it in a crowded parking lot again! Moreover, this upgrade comes with several color options so you can customize your lights according to your preferences. It is also simple and quick to install—all you need is an installation guide or video tutorial for step-by-step instructions on how to install the LEDs on each handle.

Finally, an LED door handle lighting upgrade has many practical benefits as well. For instance, since LEDs consume less energy than traditional bulbs, they require less electricity from the battery and will help save energy in the long run by reducing power consumption significantly. Furthermore, LEDs are known for their durability; they last longer than traditional bulbs since they don’t burn out as quickly over time due to their efficient design and heat dissipation technology. So not only do you get added convenience and style with this upgrade but also improved energy efficiency too!

Conclusion: All in all, upgrading your Tesla’s door handles with LED lights provides numerous benefits both aesthetically and practically. This upgrade offers increased safety at night while making sure you never miss spotting your car in a busy parking lot again! Plus, LEDs come with several customization options so you can find just what works best for you! And because LEDs require less power than traditional bulbs, this upgrade helps save energy which makes it even more desirable for those looking for ways to decrease their environmental footprint while still getting all the added features associated with having LED lights installed on their cars. So why wait any longer? Get started today and give yourself one incredible ride tomorrow!